File data

Galileo assets MUST be encoded in little-endian binary.

File structure

A Galileo asset MUST contain a 36 byte File_Header and a variable length Asset_Body.

struct Galileo_File {
    File_Header     header;     // 36 bytes
    Asset_Body      body;       // variable length

The File_Header contains metadata applicable to any asset type, while the Asset_Body contains information specific to its asset type.

All asset types fall under two categories: primitive assets and aggregate assets.

  • Primitives are the lowest-level, “raw data” assets such as meshes, images and audio files. These are self contained and MAY be implemented individually.

  • Aggregates are higher-level collections of other assets - they contain references to other asset files, as well as augmenting data. Where specified, aggregate asset implementations MUST also implement any possible asset types that can be referenced.

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